Expand your business by learning the importance to say “No”

Human beings are often hungry and impatient for success and want to indulge themselves in almost everything that comes their way just to prove their potentials and skills.

Why Learning to say no Accelerates your Success?

If you have attained that point in your life where you are overburdened with new opportunities you have probably contemplated the famous saying by Warren Buffet

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”  

Warren Buffet.

Will it not be a sigh of relief for you when you feel courageous enough to learn how to say No when there are tonnes of opportunities coming your way?

This sounds so simple but in reality, it is so much more. We fear damaging our reputation and hampering our career prospects while turning down opportunities.

Many times there will be a circumstance when you will be influenced to make a decision that may or may not be in your favor but refusing each and every opportunity coming your way is also not advisable.

Just because an organization approaches you it does not mean that you are obligated to provide it.

Listed below are 5 graceful ways to say no even when it is necessary to say yes:

  1. Be methodical- Don’t just simply blurt out a no. First, do an exhaustive research about the offer, measure the pros and cons this opportunity would get you in a systematic way before turning it down completely. No one would want to work with an organization in the future that has a shabby approach. 
  2. Be polite – Kindness goes a long way. When you are courteous to the clients who approach you, even if you deny their proposal they would still want to be acquainted with you. 
  3. Be responsive- Learn to deny an offer coming your way effectively as this creates a sense of personal accountability. Once you develop this habit you will have an ever-expanding mountain of opportunities coming your way. 
  4. Be honest- It makes no sense at all to keep hiding behind the bush. Honesty makes you honorable. 
  5. Be firm- whatever decision you make, be inflexible with it. Being uncertain about your judgment will only complicate everything around you.

For those businesses that are early in their career should have a lot of focus on one thing at a time and go deeper with one category first.

This is a myth that as soon as you step into the market- the need of the hour by default becomes to say yes to everything that comes your way.

But in reality, what happens is when a new business tries to be everything they end up being nothing. It is not easy to say no but it is very essential for career growth.

There is always a fear of disappointing businesses or individuals that have faith in you. It is probably the biggest fear we have of falling or failing and not many are good with handling rejections.

Learning to say no is simply realizing that you value and choose your opinion over others. It’s long past time to just add a little perspective and nuance to the “just say no” discourse.

The art is to just gratefully and gracefully turn down the opportunities you are drowning in simply for your professional growth.

Saying no frees you up to say yes when it is needed the most. Here are some examples that can help you say no gracefully without damaging your reputation:

  • I am swamped currently, but please feel free to follow up. 
  • At present I need to honor my commitments, thank you for thinking of me though.
  • Fortunately, my company has started to take off and we are overwhelmed with the responses as well and because of which I won’t be able to connect with you currently.  
  • I will need to respectfully decline your offer as of now since our calendars for the entire year have been pre-booked.

It’s a common behavior that when you are a start-up you always want to broaden your horizons and step foot on everything and anything coming your way.

As your business gradually grows you will keep gaining tonnes and tonnes of opportunities.

But the key is to focus on your goal- one thing at a time. When your business gains a certain level of stability and consistently makes a profit that is the time when you expand.

There is a huge level of experience and proficiency required to manage too many things at the same time. Once you learn to say no that is when you really understand what your main focus should be in.

We are often mistaken that focus means agreeing to take up a task in the field of your interest but that’s not what it means at all.

It means to carefully select one and turning down hundreds of other relevant opportunities. Treat your time like money. It will help your business go a long way. 

Lastly, while we are showcasing our brand in the public domain we should go to the Omni channel but not all of them together.

It is never recommended to put all your eggs in one basket. Even if you spend half a billion it won’t solve your problem. It’s next to impossible to handle all social media platforms together.

You need to be transparent about your needs. Even if there is a chance where you somehow happen to create a social presence you will end up learning that you were only keeping yourself busy rather than being productive.

It ultimately comes down to simplifying, focusing, and prioritizing our attention on things that matter the most at that particular point in time. For this reason, keep questioning yourself if saying no will help you achieve your goal or hamper it.

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